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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Abby Cook's Free day :D

In my opinion, yesterday was a very successful day in terms of getting everything done that we planned. We did a loop of Kyoto, beginning at the bamboo forest, going to a “monkey park,” eating lunch (and mochi!!), making our way across town to an Edo time period themed amusement park, and finally ending with a hot spring. However, I have to say that the most important part of my day (as well as Devon’s) was making sure that we got strategically got Emma back at 7:15 for her surprise party. While at the hot spring, we made sure to waste as much time as possible, and it all paid off. Eventually we got to the trolley station to head back up to the Hostel. When the trolley arrived, we were stunned to find that all of us simultaneously had a brain fart, and were waiting on the wrong side of the track. Instantly remembering that cars keep to the let in Japan, we had already missed the trolley. We still had a fun time; the three of us waiting at a little trolley station at 7:00pm until another one finally arrived. Emma’s party went excellently and the cake was delicious.
–Abby Cook

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