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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Time Capsule-Camille Coy

I feel very fortunate to have visited Japan when I did. Over the course of one of our wonderful M-term days, the earthquake and the events that soon followed ensured that no one will see Japan quite the way that we did for some time.
Japanese culture has successfully bonded the modern world with its ancient past and in the process created a completely unique environment. Even practices that have now become commonplace in most of the western world such as traveling by bus or eating out, have a distinct japanese touch to them.
We could not have had better trip leaders. I didn't feel like we were doing what the other tourists were doing, and yet we explored as many temples, shrines and monuments as we could during our time there. After we left I realized that I had a clear idea of what Japan is and was, but as clear as it was I am unable to put it into words. Maybe that was the goal.

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