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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Free Day - Macrae

Charlie, Earle, and I woke to eat breakfast at the time to which we have now become accustomed. After retrieving keys from the front desk, we ventured to the bike rack to engage in battle with the strange Japanese-style bicycle locks that stood between us and the liberation that this mode of transportation could offer us. When we had finally recognized that we could do no more in our attempt to tear the keys from the resolute grasp of the bike lock, we set out in search of the famed bamboo forest. We pedaled slowly, enjoying the pleasant downhill slopes and stopping to gaze at the vast lake on our way. As was inevitable, we became lost on our way to the bamboo forest. We sought the aid of a guard who spoke little English, but we ultimately only able to understand our map with the help of a bearded man who was fluent in our native tongue.

When we had arrived, we wandered through the expanse of the bamboo forest. When we had finished enjoying ourselves in the meager sunlight that only passed through the leaves because of its ardent determination, we went in search of lunch.

After lunch, we dashed up the paths that led to the monkeys. The monkeys appeared to be riotous of spirit, constantly engaging in battles amongst themselves after the most minor of disagreements.

We voiced solidarity in our desire not to enter what appeared to be an uninteresting movie set.

When we returned to the hostel, I was notified that Spencer and I would be returning home the next day due to an untenable notion of our parents.

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