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Friday, March 4, 2011

Sukiji Fish Market

Yesterday we went to a fish market. We were not able to go where the fish auctions where held, but we walked around an open air market and tried different traditional japanese foods. From here we went to the temple near the fish market, the architecture was a mix between Muslim and Catholic. Then we went split into groups half of us went a bowl shop and other people went to a post office to exchange money. For lunch we went chose between 4 restuarants. Earle, Ryan, Macrae and Lorenzo ate an awesome meal in a stone bowl which cooked the meal. After lunch we went to JOYPOLIS which was awesome. In Joypolis some people left to go to hot springs or shop at Aqua city next door. Those of us at JOYPOLIS drove cars or tried to stop a zombie invasion, Amanda was a master. At 7:00 p.m. we had dinner in the mall. After dinner we petted baby puppies, SUPA SUPA KAWAII. From here we went to the hotel to sleep and pack for our trip in the morning.
- Floriaan & Sebastian

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