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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mar. 06th Nara奈良

After the Todaiji Temple東大寺, we went to the Kasuga Grand Shrine春日大社, a world heritage. Different from the Todaiji Temple, it was a Shinto shrine.(Shinto is the indigenous spirituality of Japan and the Japanese people), and the color was mainly red. Many Japanese people choose to get married in the shrine with traditional Japanese costume on. Luckily, we are able to see newlyweds there.

Kofuku-ji興福 Temple was the next site we went. The five-story pagoda in Kofuku-ji Temple would be lit every night, and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

We had Daifuku大福 (a small round mochi filled stuffed with sweetened red bean paste) from a famous place near the Nara train station, and we saw them pounding the glutinous rice with a mallet.

(A picture from Google of pounding Daifuku)

We had delicious Sushi for Dinner!I'm about to explode...

-Amanda Gong

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