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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Free Day - Floriaan

I really enjoyed my free day!

The day began with breakfast as usual, followed by us filming a short "survival" video.

We started out our tour with a taxi ride and short walk to the Bamboo Forest, where we took some pictures and bought drinks. From the Bamboo Forest we walked down hills and across rivers to get to the Monkey Park.

The Monkey Park was a very big hill that you had to hike up, with monkeys sitting on the paths and running around in the trees. At the top there was a house, where you could purchase food to feed to the monkeys outside the house, through windows covered with chicken wire. The monkeys were pretty lively and they fought and pushed each other out of the way to get more food.

After the Monkey Park we went shopping, starting out with a 2 hour break in Starbucks, followed by us exchanging money and buying souvenirs for our families. Then we went back to the hostel, hung out, had dinner and slept.

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