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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spencer's Free Day

I had tons of fun during my free day.

Here is a brief synopsis of what we did

-Woke up and ate breakfast at the hostel
-Took a taxi to the bamboo forests and walked through a large chunk of it
-Took a long walk along the water and eventually ended up going to the top of Monkey Mountain (saw and fed plenty of monkeys)
-Walked back along our previous route and had lunch at one of the local shops. Shrimp tempura udon.
-Walked to the trolley station and navigated our way to the edo themed amusment park
-Briefly stopped by the crafts fair
-Took another trolley to the Hot Spring
-Walked/Took a bus back to the hostel

It certainly was a jam packed day.

One part that I specifically want to talk about is a ride in the amusement park called "NY Hotel." From the outside it was just a single door that was supposed to represent an elevator that could typically be found in New York. However, the entire "elevator" was decorated to look like something straight out of a Ghetto. When you stepped inside, the floor immediately began to sway back and forth and even the walls felt as if they would fall through. The elevator buttons were all broken except the 6th floor which is the floor the elevator was "going to." In reality, the elevator did not move at all, but the "window" that was situated towards the back of of the elevator had a scrolling tablet that was supposed to emulate the view that could be seen from the elevator. Towards the end of the ride, the elevator "crashed" and warm air came out of the ceiling as the lights all began to flicker and eventually everything was quiet besides the sound of everyone fake screaming. I just found this ride hilarious as it showed how the Japanese viewed the supposed facilities present in New York.

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