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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Free Day!!

It was our free day yesterday. In the morning, I went to the Bamboo forest in Arashiyama area with a group with 8 people. After 40 minutes’ walk, we started our adventure in the wild money place. Although the mountain was only 188 meters high, I had a hard time getting up to the top. I was amazed by three ladies ahead of us, who were wearing high heels. I definitely need more exercise. The view on top of the mountain was gorgeous, and we could see the whole city from there. The lucky moneys got to see the great view everyday.

I spent the whole afternoon in one store with six floors because there was a huge collection of Sakura stuff. While I was walking on the streets, I saw many people donating money for the Earthquake.

I sure we will have a safe rest of the trip and a trip home with the special protection gift from Mami’s mami.

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