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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bonus day #1 in Kyoto

We started today with saying our goodbyes to Spencer and Macrae who left at 12 o’clock. After our farewells half of us ate at a Japanese pancake house, while the other half ate at a dumpling restaurant. I had lunch at the pancake house; these pancakes were not normal pancakes, but egg pancakes with noodles, a special sauce, and the option of beef and other meats as fillings. After lunch we ventured to the Kitano Tenmangu Shrine. The shrine is believed to help people with their studies, so of course we all prayed to the shrine. I also bought a bag of small round lollypop like balls that were very good. After the shrine of studies, we went to the Moshinji Temple where an emperor had visited.

For dinner we all teamed up to make our own curry with onions, chicken and rice. We ate that with bread and salad, while watching the footage of the destruction caused by the earthquake and tsunami.


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  1. I happen to know that you called home also-to ask if we'd get the pokeman blk game for you -which we will !


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