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Thursday, March 3, 2011

First day!

There were a few funny incidents, like Camille went missing and came back with a large garbage bag with her stuff and Macrae entertained us by showing off his moonwalk skill at JFK, but we are here in Ryogoku happy and excited (and still a bit sleepy)!!

After a LONG plane ride, we had to change money, then took a train to the hotel.

We had a nice dinner at nearby Izakaya restaurant and enjoyed experimenting different kinds of Japanese food---tofu salad and Sashimi to fish broth hot pot with chicken etc.

After dinner Lorenzo, Abbie and I went on to explore a neighborhood "Kon bini" (convenience store)---and we saw a Sumo wrestler in kimono biking away on a very small and squeaky bicycle!

It is 7:30am, March 3rd in Tokyo-----We will have a breakfast together and start the first tour in Tokyo from there :)

Mami's phone number in Japan is (+81) 80-1114-8107 and James' is (+81) 90-1038-7442
In case of emergency, please call us at these numbers.


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